Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The MP3s linked below that were hosted on djsocool.com are no longer available. If there's something you'd like to hear, you're always welcome to email me at emily.socool@gmail.com and I'll send a copy your way.

Also, don't forget to check my SoundCloud for additional tunes and mixes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Mix: Black & Blue

Dj Socool - Black & Blue

(To download: Right-click & Save-as)


Spacek - Do For Love
Verb T - Sound So Cool
DJ Soo - Brown Paper Dude
Konshens - Bring Back the Reggae
The Heatwave - Piano Riddim
Riko Dan - Mind How You A Talk
Cutty Ranks - Who Seh Me Dun
Damian Marley - Beautiful
Mystic - The Life (Socool's LoRide Riddim Mash)
Radiohead - All I Need
The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
Tricky - Overcome
Amon Tobin - Yasawas
International Observer - Dirty Harry
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
Blundetto - Nautilus
The Toyes - Smoke Two Joints
S. Gibson & N. Listrani - Hard Times
Capleton - That Day Will Come
Easy Star All Stars - Climbing Up the Walls
Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 mix)
Portishead - Over


---192 kbps MP3 / 50:23---

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(Another) New Mix: Freedom Sounds

Dj Socool - Freedom Sounds

(To download: Right-click & Save-as)


Life's Addiction - Jesus Coming In For The Kill (Splinter remix)
Leftfield - Swords
Massive Attack - Risingson (Underdog mix)
DJ Shadow - You Can't Go Home Again
D*Note - Iniquity Worker
Major Lazer feat. Jah Dan - Cash Flow
Richie Spice - Marijuana
Richie Spice - Youth Dem Cold
DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
Erykah Badu - On and On
U.N.K.L.E. - Bloodstain
Björk - Hunter
Major Lazer - What U Like (instrumental)
Jahdan Blakkamoore - Buss It Pon Dem
Commix - Bear Music
Rufige Kru - Paris
Marcus Visionary feat. Johnny Osbourne - Long Long Time
Breakage - Old Skool Ting
RCola - Pass the Dutchie
Ed Solo & Deekline - Ragga Muffin
Lutin - Collie Bud


---192 kbps MP3 / 59:12---

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Mix: In the Atmosphere

This new mixtape is based on a set I did for the Notes from the Underground radio show last week. I hope it suits your fancy!

Dj Socool - In the Atmosphere

(To download: Right-click & Save-as)


Socool - 6 Minute Mark
John Murphy - In a House - In a Heartbeat
16Bit - Twice
Damien Marley - Zion Road (Unknown Remix)
Tes La Rok - Bwwooy
hd4000 - Zag
Dread Foxx feat. King Rubby - Kingston Dub
Skream - Burning Up
Droid Sector - Lazy Days
SYNKRO - Everyday
16Bit - Shallow
Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl
Lamb - Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia mix)
Radiohead - The Gloaming (Slowly Open Our Mouths In The Cold)
Burial - Archangel
Pinch - Brighter Day (Instrumental)
ASUSU - Serrom Khen
Pangaea - Bear Witness
Socool - Club Silencio
SYNKRO - Dub Specialist


---192 kbps MP3 / 1:04:49---

File under: Radio Show News

I am now a host/programmer/resident DJ of a weekly radio show called Notes from the Underground. Those who were familiar with my work on Shadow Jugglers will know that this new show is the next step in the evolution of Saturday night radio on CiTR 101.9fm.
Start your Saturday night off right with our weekly showcase of the local underground DJ and electronic music scene. Our radio show broadcasts live from 7-9pm on CiTR Radio, 101.9fm in Vancouver and streams on the website for listeners worldwide.
To find out more about Notes from the Underground and access our podcasts, check out our blog at notesundergroundradio.blogspot.com.

Thanks for listening!

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Mix: Slow Burn

Favourite songs, old and new. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Dj Socool - Slow Burn

(To download: Right-click & Save-as)


Ruckspin, Quark & Planas - Winds of Change
Lethem - Blix
Pangaea - Router
L-Wiz - Girl from Codeine City
KZSS - You and I
Asusu - Promised the Future
Deep Alpha - Into Your Mind
TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn DCM Remix)
Self Evident - Keep It
Synkro - Good Times
Autopilot - A Safe Distance
Wixel - Bacterial
Massive Attack - Angel
Leftfield - A Final Hit
U.N.K.L.E. - Unreal
Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle
Shaggy - Church Heathen
Socool - Mistah Boswell
Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady (The Nextmen Walnut Remix)


---192 kbps MP3 / 54:38---

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Minute Mark featured on the latest SHAHcast

Huge thanks to the SHAHdjs for featuring my tune "6 Minute Mark" in their latest SHAHcast, which can be downloaded from shahdjs.com. Also be sure to check out their YouTube channel for many more choice cuts.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dj Socool - Ride to Zion

I finally made a new mix, woo hoo!

Come along on a ride from here to there, featuring dubstep, reggae & more.


Click the link to stream / Right-click & Save-as to download


D1 - Chocolate Orange
Rusko - Lions Paw
Synkro - Jah Love
Evergreen & Landlord feat. Danman - Jah Rain
Black Canvas - We Fear Not (TRG remix)
Synkro - Hold On
Damien Marley - Zion Road (Unknown remix)
Gemmy - Word Perfect
Cluekid feat. Arorah - Soul Vibe
Deekline & Wizard - Back Up (Love for the Music) (TRG remix)
Sines - With You
Rusko - Love is Real
Forsaken - Hypnotised
Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General (Marcus Visionary rmx)
Unknown vs Movado - Money
Unknown vs Dawn Penn - No No No
The Heptones - Cool Rasta
Unknown vs The Beatles - Reggae Rigby
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
KZSS & Atma - Illegal in 9 Countries
Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Cluekid Remix)
Socool - 6 Minute Mark

Feel free to invite your music-loving friends to the Event page so they can have a listen : )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proppa with Ill-Esha – Dewey dB – Socool – Tedder @ Hush [FRIDAY, May 29th 2009]

I am very excited to announce that I am playing in Victoria at Hush on Friday, May 29th longside Ill-Esha, Dewey dB and Tedder. You can expect a truly diverse and danceable evening of bass culture, with (loads) of dubstep, glitch-hop, drum & bass and more. I've been collecting plenty of fresh sounds for this one, and honestly can't wait!

I even put together a wee promo mix for this night, it's called Proppa Minimix, and you can get it here.

IGU, Breakbeat Science, BluSaphir, 6 Boro Clothing

For the last decade, Ill-esha has been an integral part of the North American electronic scene. Beginning as a vocalist, she soon added MCing and DJing to her repertoire, creating a dynamic and unique live show which has headlined alongside artists such as Andy C, Klute, Dieselboy, and LTJ Bukem. Ill-esha has performed in over 42 cities across North America and Europe, DJed on major television networks, and released top-selling vinyls on labels like Breakbeat Science, Outsider & Whisper Audio. Currently she represents drum & bass weekly on Bassdrive.com and glitch hop and dubstep sounds with the Integrated Grime Unit.

Dewey dB
Integrated Grime Unit, Dubslingers

Dewey dB is on the forefront of new music and technology. Inspired initially by the early hip hop/turntablism scene, Dewey found IDM while pursuing his electrical engineering degree and continues to be inspired by bass-heavy, glitchy sounds. He is one of the original founders of Toronto’s Dubslingers crew, a prolific force in Canadian dubstep for the last 4 years. Internationally, he has tirelessly promoted new music, running four popular websites (dubstep.ca, downtempo.ca, glitchhopforum.com, and dubstepradio.com). Currently located in Vancouver, Dewey has infiltrated the Integrated Grime Unit with his skills for building robots and ripping 8-bit samples. He is currently corrupting the West Coast with dubstep & glitch-hop in the studio & on the stage.

Shadow Jugglers, Undercover Dub

Emily Sobool aka DJ Socool is a music producer and DJ based in Vancouver, BC. Her compositions and DJ sets fuse elements of dubstep, jungle, downtempo, reggaeton and dancehall into a fresh, unique sound. Her production has been compared to early music released on the iconic label, Ninja Tune, and her mix-tapes regularly receive praise from listeners worldwide. Socool is a host, DJ, and programmer for Shadow Jugglers, a Saturday night radio show on CiTR 101.9FM (7-9, pst). The SJ Crew and their special guests like to mix it up live on air, showcasing the best of the underground.

WhiteBirdLifestyle, Liquidfunk.ca

Dubby basslines, jazzy riffs and pure soul are just a few of the influences that have shaped the style of DJ Tedder. Musical since his childhood in South Africa, Tedder began DJing in 2002 and has been in the foreground of liquid funk on Vancouver Island ever since. His soulful, dub selections and smooth mixing have moved dancefloors throughout BC and he has played alongside the likes of Calibre, LTJ Bukem, London Elektricity, T Power, Benny Page, Marcus Visionary & Mutt to name a few. Tedder is a Friday night resident at the Whitebird Lounge as well as a staple on the Liquid Soul stage at Soundwave Festival.

Huge thanks to Pacific Dubstep for inviting me out. Check their blog for more upcoming shows (including Appleblim!), plus nuff fine dubs and mixtapes...

Facebook event page.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Music

Listen to, enjoy, play, and share my music.
Free & direct 320kbps MP3 downloads are here:

Socool: Music

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dj Socool - 6 Minute Mark

Hello friends,

Please feel free to check out my latest song-writing effort:

Dj Socool - 6 Minute Mark

(320kbps MP3)

Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm going to be reppin' the Rudegals sound avec MP this week @ Thursday Ting!

Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 9:00pm
@ The Met - 320 Abbott St.

Info is here.

See you there...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shadow Jugglers

Outdoor Sounds

Well I'm back from Lasqueti Escape, and it was awesome. I took loads of photos and heard lots of great music.

Many more pics from my tour of BC summer music festivals are available here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just dropping by to let you know that I'm playing at Soundwave this weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diversity Festival

This weekend I'm going to be playing at the wonderful Diversity Festival on Texada Island!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mix Up: Wednesdays @ Maxine's Hideaway

Psst... For a good time, come to The Mix Up!

DJs Soo and Socool are back with a weekly Wednesday in a gorgeous venue loaded with history and smooth vibes! Come join us for a night of funk, reggae, hip hop, downtempo, dancehall, dnb, trip hop, afrobeat and much more... Perfect for lounging, and dancing too.

Maxine's Hideaway (Bordello Room)
1215 Bidwell St. (@ Davie)

Drink Specials
10pm - 1AM

P.S. No cover

We'll see you on Wednesday!

Opium Den: SHAH Sat #12

On Saturday, July 5th, come to the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island for a night of drum and bass music featuring yours truly...

"Atmosphere. Depth. Emotion. These often overlooked aspects of drum and bass get the spotlight this round as Kir Mokum and JoeAve provide a sound scape perfect for drifting and dancing. Come early and get enveloped as the energy builds and then let loose as sisters Socool and Whitney share the stage for the crescendo."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Party time: Summer style

Just a heads up: I'm going to dropping a birthday set at the Solaris Music Festival on Saturday, June 28th. Summer forecast: Good times ahead!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming up:

Check out the Rudegals (myself & MP) at Rise on May 23rd, the night before we leave for our trip to New York!

Friday, February 15, 2008

February 2008 Mix

**New Mix** DJ Soo & DJ Socool - Down By The Bayside

So this is an impromptu mix that Socool and I threw together to give you an idea of what we do at the Bayside. No fancy mixing tricks or techniques - just us freestyling and dropping the kind of tunes we'd play every Tuesday at the Bayside.

A blend of downtempo, funk, hip hop, soul, reggae, and dub.

Mixdown Tuesdays Presents:

Down By The Bayside <- right-click to download.

mixed by DJs Soo & Socool

1. The Fugees - Killing Me Softly
2. Freddie Cruger feat. Linn - Pushin' On
3. 9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus.
4. DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man - Boom
5. Garbage - 1 Crush
6. DJ Vadim feat. Sena - Talk To Me
7. Tosca - Suzuki
8. Dj Socool - LoRide Riddim
9. Mystic - The Life (acappella)
10. Bob Marley - Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five rmx)
11. Jugoe - Twiddle
12. Leisure Allstars - The Good People (Mr. Benn's Ham Bone Skank)
13. Me and You - Brown Paper Bag
14. Magic Fly - Champion Mushroom
15. The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
16. Lemon Jelly - In The Bath
17. Roni Size - Watching Windows
18. Monk & Canatella - Trout
19. Zeb - Balkany & Flowers
20. ill-esha - Spacebar Please
21. Lo-tek Hi-Fi feat. Roots Manuva & Sandra Melody - Move Your Thing (Small Arms Fiya mix)
22. Tombee - Amelie In Dub (D & C Music Factory Remix)
23. Blue States - Your Girl
24. Dj Socool - Dau
25. Zeb - No Matter What They Say
26. Sono Rhizmo' - Mambocito Mio
27. Marcelo D2 - A Procura Da Batida Perfetia (Sao Benitez Bossa Mix)
28. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire (This Kid Named Miles remix)
29. Mark Ronson - Toxic (Pete Nice rmx)
30. Bitter:Sweet - Salty Air
31. Parker feat. Sarah Scott - Sugar Coated
32. Young MC - Know How
33. Wicked Lester - Suga, Suga
34. Sade - Smooth Operator
35. Lemon Jelly - Page One
36. Amadou & Mariam - Coulibaly (Ashlee Beedle's Afrikanz On Marz Instrumental)


Saturday, February 02, 2008

July 2007 Mix

Dj Socool - Sub.Dub.Bass

This one is based on the set I played at Soundwave. Calm, dubby, slow - with an emphasis on flow.

Dj Socool - Dau - [dub]
Portishead - Biscuit - [Go! Beat]
Massive Attack - Karmacoma -[Island]
Distance - Delight - [Planet Mu]
Digital Mystikz - Wait - [Soul Jazz]
Funki Porcini - Dubble - [Ninja Tune]
RSD - Love of Jah Light - [Earwax]
Djunya - Coagulated Dub -[Narco.Hz]
The Others - Bushido - [Dub Police]
Sno - 25 Stone - [Boka]
Rusko - Action Dread - [Dub Police]
Alpha - Sometime Later - [Melankolic]
Massive Attack - Tear Drop (Mad Professor Mazaruni mix) - [Circa]
Portishead - Mourning Air - [Go! Beat]

Thursday, January 24, 2008

May 2007 Mix

Hither be some fresh musicus for both your ears & the space inbetween.

Right click, Save as & Enjoy : )
Dj Socool - Tout Amica!

February 2007 Mix

Right-click & Save-as & Enjoy: Dj Socool - So.Jah

September 2006 Mix

I figured it was time to delve more thoroughly into my passion for downtempo. This is the result, and I'm actually quite excited to share it with yous all...

Right-click & Save-as & Enjoy!
Dj Socool - Wif me 'eadphones on

Friday, December 07, 2007

New Music

Just finished a new tune, called Club Silencio.
Have a listen over in Virb land...


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oi, check out this interview I did over at Chainsaw Sound. The gents are playing on Shadow Jugglers this Saturday from 7-9pm on CiTR 101.9fm, don't forget to tune in!


So Ms. Socool, you've been active in the local radio community for some time now. You're also responsible for work on several original tracks, played the Soundwave festival, and you've been voted "Best Newcomer DJ" by North West DNB.com. So lets find out a little more about you.

Q: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?

I'm six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Q: How did you first get into spinning wax?

It all started when I took up position as a DJ Ho to DJ Soo, who was actually spinning drum'n'bass back then. Because we were so immersed in that culture, it seemed quite natural for me to give it a spin, as it were, given my lifelong love of searching out and performing music.

Q: Do you/ did you ever play another musical instrument?

Yep. When I was a likkle one, I had piano lessons. My sister and I used to compose songs using our trusty Yamaha PSR-75. I also played alto sax in a jazz band for awhile. Following that came the guitar obsession teen years, a time when I attempted to learn like every Radiohead song and formed various bands with friends (we usually got as far as the act of picking a name for ourselves and jamming a bit).

Q: How did you get involved in community radio?

I lucked into my involvement with Shadow Jugglers radio on CiTR 101.9fm. Back when I was a true newbie DJ, I played my first actual gig on that very show. MP Coast to Coast, who created Shadow Jugglers in Montreal in 2001, was keeping it alive out here in Vancouver. We were finding that our collaborations in event production went well and that we shared similar musical visions, so eventually she invited me into the crew, much to my (continued) delight.

Q: What is your setup at CITR?

We have the usual Techs plus a decently shoddy mixer. Oh, and in the lounge, a pop machine that's full of beer.

Q: Who would you love to see yourself opening up for?

A couple of times now I've warmed up the speakers for the Daega Sound System, something I consider to be quite an honour. In the future, I would be thrilled to share a bill with artists like DJ Distance, DJ Shadow (a girl can dream, can't she!), Krinjah and Paradox.

Q: The dub sound (dnb, jungle, dubstep, dub, etc.) seems to be prominent in the music you play. Can you explain why so many people feel that dub sound?

For me, it's a sound I've been increasingly drawn to. Local selectors like DJs MP, Wood and Dabbler have played a big part in that. Plus the Radiodread album by the Easy Star All Stars, which is a reggae/dub cover of the entirety of Radiohead's OK Computer, really had a big impact on me. If I had to guess about the rising appreciation for that yummy dub sound, I would say perhaps it fits well with the laid-back West Coast style. That, and honestly, it's just more fun to dance to.

Q: Any regular nights in Vancouver you would encourage people to check out?

Mixdown Tuesdays @ The Bayside Lounge (1755 Davie @ Denman) is a free weekly lounge night in which DJ Soo and I lay down the best in downtempo, triphop, dubstep, hiphop, funk, reggae, and whatever else tickles our fancy.

For drum'n'bass, I would recommend Fixed Fridays @ The Met and Midnight Tuesdays @ The Republic.
As for dancehall and reggae, Brukout @ Shine on Wednesdays is the place to be.
The Lighta! Crew put on some excellent parties, I really recommend looking into those.

Q: What is in your cdplayer/mp3 player right now?

My MP3 player is loaded up with DJ mixes and live PA sets from the likes of C64, CPI, Food, Photek, Lemonjelly, Dangamouse & Taal Mala.

Q: Any heads up on upcoming artists that should be given credit / have caught your attention?

Watch out for Lola, a dnb DJ based in the Okanagan with mad style. Also, my sister Whitney has caught the bug and has been mixing up a storm. For production, HxdB has recently gotten back into the game after a long absence, and is making drum'n'bass and dubstep that's darn good.

Q: Are there any websites that you spend way too much time on?

Oh yeah. I'm guilty of hitting the refresh button on dubstepforum.com multiples times per day.

Q: What is important for you when playing a live set?

Ideally, I would play a set of music that both I and the people listening enjoy. I recognize that playing the opening slot for 5 people can be just as rewarding as playing the headlining slot at a packed party. I try to find a balance between focusing on technical skills and connecting with the crowd. And finally, I am always much happier when my monitor is on the left side.

Q: How are your juggling skills?

Beats, balls or shadows? : )

Q: Where would you like to see the electronic music community go (or where would you see it 5 years from now)?

Five years from now the kids will have grown up using music programs like Ableton Live and Garage Band, and will have a level of comfort and intuition with the software that us old fogies will have to respect. For example, there's a 12 year old in the UK producing dubstep right now that is pretty good. You know, even now, producers are making epic music using just their laptops and some headphones, and I think there is going to be a DIY revolution where people sit down with their computers and make the music that they want to hear.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies in your spare time?

DJing, producing music and promoting events was filling up my spare time just fine. Now that I'm heading back to school, spare time will be less easy to come by and I'm really hoping I'm going to be able to find a balance.

Q: Any advice for people getting into playing / producing music?

I think the best DJs/producers are the ones who don't try to sound anything like previously established sounds.

Q: CD's and Serato: Killing the scene, or taking it to the next level?

Well they certainly open up the world of mixing music to a lot of people that might otherwise have sat out. That's because vinyl is more expensive than CDs or digital tunes, and is generally more difficult to find. Plus it's a neat idea that all the CDs you've bought over the years are now in your DJ repertoire versus having to start up from scratch when beginning to collect vinyl. But see, the thing is, digging for vinyl is a fundamental part of DJ culture, and I wonder if missing out on that could be a loss for those who have embraced it in its new forms. But then, quoting from the documentary called Scratch, digging isn't gonna make a bad DJ good, but it's gonna make a good DJ better. I know that I've found stuff on vinyl that I'd been hoping to find for ages, and it's just the best feeling. Myself, I am all about the vinyl and will only use Serato or CDJs to play my own productions (and would prefer to press dubplates instead but those are mighty costly). I believe that vinyl sounds warmer and more rich than CDs or digital files, and is worth the extra effort. But to those who have followed a different path that is supposedly easier, I say - all the power to them. If they're in it for the love of the music, that's what matters, not the format they play off.

Q: If you could visit one city/country in the world, where would it be?

I sure wouldn't mind going back to Jamaica! Oh and I'm dying to go to a dubstep party in the UK.

Q: How do you see yourself improving over time?

I am continuing to work on my scratching skills, and am learning more about production with each tune I've written. I'm not too worried about the 'how' just as long as I actually am improving in some way.

Q: Thanks for your time. Do you have anything else to say to all the swingin cats out there?

Keep on swingin, my friends.

Be sure to check out Socool on The Shadow Jugglers Show
with hosts MP, Bias, and Soo
on CITR 101.9FM Saturday nights from 7-9.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Psst... it's on.

Starts next Tuesday. 10pm-2am. Free entry, drink specials.

Psst... it's on.

Starts next Tuesday. 10pm-2am. Free entry, drink specials.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Do you like to party?

On Saturday, July 28th, The Daega Sound System, DJ Soo and I will be rocking the Un-Official Illuminaries afterparty at Rime (1130 The Drive).

(Photo from gailatlarge.com)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's on.

Soundwave was easily the highlight of my past two summers. It's this multi-day outdoor party on the island that takes place in July, right on the ocean. DJ Soo, MP Coast to Coast and I will be playing on one of the stages this year, repping Shadow Jugglers for three consecutive hours on Friday the 13th.

Friday, June 22, 2007


So the Bounce show was incredible. I am one lucky likkle gal to get to play for a such an enthusiastic crowd.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New tunes!

These songs that I made can be heard on my myspace profile.

  • Ransom for a Dead Man is a fairly involved piece spanning three movements. It is my homage to a show I've enjoyed for some years, Columbo.

  • Mistah Boswell took form during my recent trip to Jamaica, and is dedicated to my friend Mark Boswell who inspired the direction of the piece with his plucky spirit in the face of adversity.

  • Just put the finishing touches on this one today (July 3rd). I am particularly excited to share this one. Dj Socool - Dau

Friday, February 16, 2007


Emily Sobool aka Dj Socool used to listen to music on her headphones and fantasize about sharing it with others. Sometimes, it involved hijacking radio stations, other times it involved guerilla attacks on coffee shops. But most recently, it has centered on the commandeering of turntables in order to bring the message to the dance floors. With the aid of the superstar DJ Soo, Socool has found herself descending into the mad depths of vinyl addiction. While her primary love is playin' in da jungle, she doesn't like to limit herself to just one genre: her New Year's Eve 2006 downtempo set featuring the likes of Lou Reed, U.N.K.L.E. & and Aphex Twin is widely regarded as "enigmatically eclectic."

Speaking of hijacking radio stations, Socool has been holding it down as one of the residents of the Shadow Jugglers Saturday night radio show on CITR 101.9FM (7-9pm, pst) / www.citr.ca. The SJ Crew (MP, Bias, Soo & Socool) like to mix it up live on air, playing pretty much whatever is moving them at the moment - from Jungle to reggae, dubstep to downtempo, hip hop to funk, and more.

Socool is all about embracing that which is unique, and isn't afraid to take risks in her music. She doesn't play just one genre or represent just one sound, so you never really know what you're going to get. Sometimes, I think even she might not know. In any case, so far it seems to be working, as Socool was recently voted Best Newcomer DJ from the NWDNB.BC.CA community. DJing has led to producing original music, as it often does. And let me tell you, it is very much true that she enjoys writing songs and having them come to life.

NWDNB Awards

Hey buddies,

The fine folks over at North West Drum'n'Bass (nwdnb.bc.ca) decided to put on an awards thingy, and I actually won the category of Best Newcomer DJ! Cool, eh? We're having the awards show tonight at Vibes from 7-10pm (555 Davie) and I'm gonna get to play some records and everything : )

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Oh hey guys, MP's fillin in for Michael Red tomorrow night at the Alibi Room, bringin some dub sounds. I'm going to play for a bit too, haven't played downtempo and trip hop out in a while so that should be fun : )

Downstairs @ the Alibi Room (Main st. & Alexander)
10pm - 1am, free entry, food and drink and all that jazz.